Vintage Cocktail Recipes Via 1900s


Taken from a very old book found at my Grandmother’s house, these are just a few of the many recipes found in this circa 1910 Guide to running a household, meal preparation, entertaining and more. These delectable, vintage cocktails will keep you and your guests refreshed and vibrant, no doubt. For the ingredients you may have never heard of, I’ve linked them to an explanation or where to get them.

Sherry Punch

Use one-gallon vessel to mix in; six ounces lemon juice, one pound of sugar dissolved in juice, two ounces abricotine, two ounces of Jamaica rum, three quarts sherry wine, one quart of Bourbon whiskey, one or two lemons, one or two oranges, slices and one half can of pineapple, sliced. Put into punch bowl with square piece of ice in center. Serve in stem glasses.

Sherry Cobbler

 Use 7-oz. thin glass, tablespoonful of sugar, dissolve in seltzer water, one drink of sherry wine. Fill remaining part of glass with crushed ice, dress with fruit, serve with straws.

Whiskey Cocktail (Dry)

Use mixing glass half full of crushed ice, one dash of angostura bitters, one drink of whiskey, one twist of lemon peel. Stir, strain into cocktail glass and serve with olive.

The Reminder

Use mixing glass half full of crushed ice, one-third jigger of Italian vermuth, one-third jigger of port wine, one-third jigger of sherry wine, one dash of abricotine. Stir, strain into cocktail glass and serve.

Gin Fizz (Golden)

Use mixing glass half full of crushed ice, four or five dashes of lemon juice, one drink of dry gin, one yolk of an egg; add dash of syphon seltzer, add one dash of milk or cream. Shake well, strain into regular size fizz glass and serve.

Champagne Velvet

Use 12-oz. thin goblet, nip of porter, the balance wiyh champagne; stir slowly and serve.







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