Spring/Summer Fashion Glimpse

Summer style can absolutely be as interesting and potentially dynamic as cold weather clothing. But first, one has to have the initiative to undertake endeavors requiring more effort than simply throwing on whatever breathable, non-confining rags are lying around to cover up the human anatomy that will get you arrested if left exposed – or made fun of.

Personally, I’d never dream of wearing the above shirt with those pants – or the loafers either – but the pants are nice. Roll them up a bit and pair them with some canvas sneakers, Chucks, or even some brown flip flops. Throw on a striped tank-top or a thin T and you’ve got yourself a suitable outfit for springtime.

Deus – James Slim Fit Chino

Can’t go wrong with a pair of versatile dark blue chinos. They’ll of course fade if you wash them regularly. So I recommend putting them in the freezer for a night or 2 to freshen them up – which is what I do with a pair of blue corduroys I have. I’d wear a mint green button-up over these.

Express – Chambray Cotton Jogger Pant

Don’t wear these pants with loafers, or wingtips or anything of the sort. Don’t wear them to a wedding, or a funeral for that matter – unless it’s funeral for a guy that only wore sweatpants and wouldn’t be caught dead with his shirt tucked in, maybe then – If you want to pay homage, maybe. There ARE people like that. I say wear these relaxed, but refined take on intermingling of chinos and gym wear should only be worn to brunch, to the mall or to a sports bar, and only with sneakers/tennis shoes.


Oxford Lad Triangle Light-weight Button-down Shirt

Beautiful shirt. Gives off an attitude of artful sophistication and a nod to the vibrant colors of summer.

Brooks Brothers – Regent Fit Pineapple Print Short-sleeve Sport Shirt

Summery, but not too much going on. Subtle beach and warm weather attire without being garish. Wear with blue jeans and flops, or grey jeans and black Converse All-Stars, or the like.

Billy Reid – Claud – Blue White

Not cheap, but designed in Florence, Alabama and made somewhere in the USA, this subtle summer shirt is sure to get some compliments, but not offend the more traditional folks in a predominantly conservative region.

J. Crew – Secret Wash Short-sleeve in Courier Blue Batik

Another lively print for summer-time. Sophisticated, but not dull. If you’re one who can pull off red then this is a great shirt for you. Blue jeans of any shade would look great with this shirt.

Swim Trunks

Is is April now, and Spring is in full effect. The air tinted yellow with sneeze inducing pollen and today, across many parts of the South, it is over 80 degrees. This only means that, if one is lucky enough to have access, it is in fact a wonderful day to sit by a pool or on a beach.

Southern Marsh – Dockside Swim Trunk Seersucker Gingham

Available in variety of colors, these trunks are a safe bet for water park, a Charleston pool party or weekend in Panama City Beach. Wear’em with a solid tank-top.

Penguin – Pinstripe Volley Swim Trunks

Classy pair of shorts for the guy who not only doesn’t want to be too loud with his swim style, but also wants to maintain a bit of refined class with the pinstripes. Probably won’t find this gentlemen taking jello-shots funneling Milwaukee’s Best.

Barneys – Cools Sundays Polka Dot Swim Shorts

Nothing fancy here. Not too short, not too long. Wear’em with whatever you take a notion to. If you happen to wear them to the pool with shoes and no socks though – please wash the shoes on occasion.


Zara – Black Resin Sunglasses

Classy and great for lying around by a pool and sipping something in. They don’t, however, look like they’re meant for a hell of a lot of action. They’ll probably fall off your face if you start jumping around hitting volley balls and such – or chicken fighting in the pool.

Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses

Available in a variety of color combinations, these lively shades are sure to be a hit on the lake, beach, golf course or pool. You’ll probably get some looks sitting in traffic, too, if you have the top down blasting some fresh tunes.

Ray-Ban Light Ray Matte Black Sunglasses

A subtle, modern take on a classic pair of shades. The matte black rim accents as much as necessary without any garish, look-at-me detail.

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