Photo Album – June/July 2016

Just a few images taken over the course of a couple months around the Southeastern United States.
Northwest Georgia
This picture doesn’t do it justice, but this photo was taken from in an unincorporated area of  Chattooga county, Georgia called Taylor Ridge. Taylor Ridge, named after Cherokee Indian chief Richard Taylor, runs roughly forty miles through Northwest Georgia and is composed of sandstone on one side and hard chert on the other – leading to differing types of flora on either side of the mountain.
Coming south from Chattooga county, and just inside Floyd county, if one veers from the beaten path of Highway 27 you’ll find yourself in the rustic countryside of Armuchee (pronounced Armurchee by the locals) and Johns Mountain Wildlife Management Area. Sparsely populated and no signs on the main highway advertising hiking or camping or the like it is an area filled with barns, creeks that at least appear they’d be good for tubing or kayaking, quaint churches and rolling hills, leading up to small mountain peaks that bear resemblance to the taller and more vast Smokies further to the east. There are also multiple hiking opportunities in the area, mostly accessed by the Pinhoti Trail including Horn Mountain, Rocky Face, Dick’s Ridge, Taylor Ride, and Little Sand Mountain.
The expanse of forest just an hour or so north of Asheville, North Carolina is not only much cooler than the sweltering rest of the South during the summer months, but it also has a feeling of somewhere where you can go and live and you’d never need a smartphone, or internet period. I’m sure most folks in this region have internet, but with mountains and streams and hiking and farmland all around it’d be easy to get lost in another time.
The water was just right for wading and swimming around in and jumping off the numerous giant boulders into.

Mount Mitchell is the highest peak mainland Eastern North America.
Monroe, Georgia
Monroe, Georgia is somewhat of an exurb of Atlanta, but Atlanta’s influence is minimal as the town still feels very much like Mayberry. The downtown area has been revitalized and has restaurants and shop that are worth making the hour or so trek from Atlanta to visit one evening on the weekend.

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