Band of the Week: Blood On The Harp

Blood on the Harp

A fiddle, a stand up bass, acoustic guitars, keys – Blood on the Harp states simply that their rustic mountain music tunes are about death. I can imagine that this time of year is when they feel most inspired–the coming dreary days, the falling leaves and the general spookiness in the air – their tunes are in no way upbeat, but they do project an rosy somber vibe with their spot on harmonies and matter of fact stories concerning the ill-fated. There is a noticeable Irish Folk music influence within the core of their tunes, but, also touches of vintage country and a sort of gloomy Bluegrass.

They played a show last week 10/13/16 at the Star Bar in Atlanta but, regretfully, I missed it. I will update as soon I get word of their next show. In the meantime, you can download their debut album on here.

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