Film Festivals Around The South

With a large portion of the country’s population shifting towards the Sunbelt, The South is experiencing a sort of rebirth at the moment. Loads of people from the Northeast, Midwest and West Coast are moving here in droves and the locals and newbies to the South alike are reaping the rewards of the cultural rejuvenation that comes with the melding of regional identities, accents, politics, food and more. One example of this recent cultural shift is the burgeoning film industry below the Mason-Dixon line. Within the last decade or so, in varying capacities, numerous states have enacted, experimented with, abandoned and renewed tax credits for film projects and it has had a lasting impact that shows no signs of slowing. Regardless of whether or not their home state affords films a tax credit or not Southerners are making more movies. Our affordable housing, warm climate and easy-going way of life all put a unique perspective on the films made in this part of the country. Let’s have a look at some of the film festivals around The South that celebrate and contribute to this globally popular art form.


 Sidewalk Film Festival | Birmingham, AL | August 20 – August 26, 2018

Alabama Theater District people who like film festivals

First debuting in 1999, Sidewalk film festival is held annually at a two-screen independent movie theater in the heart of the Birmingham theater district. The more than 250 films that are screen at the festival draw 15,000 visitors from Alabama, across the South, and around the world. The festivals aim is to encourage film making and an elevated awareness and tolerance across the state of Alabama. Some of the films being screened this year include:

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Southern Music Nostalgia: Marshall Tucker Band – Heard it in a Love Song

  Hitting number 14 on the Billboard charts in Summer of ’77, this songs is the Marshall Tucker Band‘s Carolina Dreams album. The lyrics tell of a man who loves a woman, but loves being a rambling man more. Marshall Tucker Band hails from Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Southern Music Nostalgia is strong with this tune.

Southern Music Nostalgia: Waylon Jennings – Mona

Released in 1974 on his “This Time” album, and produced by Willie Nelson, Mona is a short, sweet tale of a man with a rocky past attempting to persuade a beautiful black-haired woman that she ought to listen to his this time. He isn’t shy about flattering her in the process. Have a listen and leave Read more about Southern Music Nostalgia: Waylon Jennings – Mona[…]

White Water Kayaking, Rustic Buildings and Nostaglia In Uptown Columbus, GA


Sure never knew how cool Uptown Columbus, GA was. It is chock full of restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, bars, street art and more.

There are so many vintage store fronts. It’s a blast from the past. […]

Lessons Learned On My First Rental Property


Getting Started

In May of 2016, I purchased my first rental property – a small, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house in a town in North Georgia. I purchased it for $43,000 and put, roughly, $15,000 into it to get it up to what I thought were acceptable standards for a modern house.

Once the house closed and I had the key, a friend who had experience remodeling houses, and I went there to look over what all needed to be done. I knew what I thought, but once he gave it a look over, it was a different story…


Vintage Cocktail Recipes Via 1900s


Taken from a very old book found at my Grandmother’s house, these are just a few of the many recipes found in this circa 1910 Guide to running a household, meal preparation, entertaining and more. These delectable, vintage cocktails will keep you and your guests refreshed and vibrant, no doubt. For the ingredients you may have never heard of, I’ve linked them to an explanation or where to get them.

Sherry Punch

Use one-gallon vessel to mix in; six ounces lemon juice, one pound of sugar dissolved in juice, two ounces abricotine, two ounces of Jamaica rum, three quarts sherry wine, one quart of Bourbon whiskey, one or two lemons, one or two oranges, slices and one half can of pineapple, sliced. Put into punch bowl with square piece of ice in center. Serve in stem glasses. […]

Nashville Road Trip –

I visited Nashville for the first time back in May. It was a hoot to say the least. I had no idea what I was in for. I’d only heard that it was a fun town and that folks are friendly and there is no shortage of bars. It’s only 4 hour drive from Atlanta and once you get up around Chattanooga the hills become much steeper and the road more winding. After you get out of Chattanooga, and onto I-24 for a bit the interstate is often so steep there are runaway truck ramps and rocky embankments on either side. It’s a pretty stretch of interstate, if such a thing exists. The road flattens out a couple of hours before you reach Nashville.

Upon arriving and after checking into our hotel – The Renaissance – I was immediately blown away by the amount of foot traffic around the Broadway area. You don’t see many places where so many folks are walking around. I can only think of a handful places similar –  Venice Beach, Ocean Drive in Miami, NYC, San Francisco, etc.