Photo Album – June/July 2016

Just a few images taken over the course of a couple months around the Southeastern United States. Northwest Georgia This picture doesn’t do it justice, but this photo was taken from in an unincorporated area of  Chattooga county, Georgia called Taylor Ridge. Taylor Ridge, named after Cherokee Indian chief Richard Taylor, runs roughly forty miles through Northwest Georgia and is Read more about Photo Album – June/July 2016[…]

Summer Festivals Around The South

Liver Mush Festival – Marion, NC June 3 I had liver mush once. It was in the general area this festival was taking place. I’d spent a couple days in Asheville, NC and was driving back home and stopped at a roadside diner to get some breakfast and liver mush was on the menu and, Read more about Summer Festivals Around The South[…]

Spring/Summer Fashion Glimpse

Summer style can absolutely be as interesting and potentially dynamic as cold weather clothing. But first, one has to have the initiative to undertake endeavors requiring more effort than simply throwing on whatever breathable, non-confining rags are lying around to cover up the human anatomy that will get you arrested if left exposed – or Read more about Spring/Summer Fashion Glimpse[…]

Essentials: Summer Blazer

The Summer Blazer, though unnecessary in terms of pragmatism, makes an already distinguished fellow a gentleman. It turns casual Saturday nights out for drinks to Nights on the Town and is sure to turn more heads than your v-neck t-shirt alone. Zara – Linen Blazer This linen blazer is the perfect accompaniment to khaki slacks Read more about Essentials: Summer Blazer[…]