Fall 2016 Light Jackets

In the South, we’re lucky to not have to deal with bitter cold, usually, ’til ’round January. Unless you live up on top of a mountain, you don’t need a heavy coat for the latter part of the year. Below are just a few ideas to keep the crisp autumn breeze from making it’s way Read more about Fall 2016 Light Jackets[…]

Men’s Fall/Winter Fashion

Though the leaves are in a display of vibrant colors many days this time of year are crisp and grey and you’re going to want to dress to match these earthy hues of Autumn in The South. Flannel and plaid don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon and looks that originated in the 70s Read more about Men’s Fall/Winter Fashion[…]

RAW Artist Showcase: Exposure – April 19, 2015

I’d had the opportunity in previous months to attend RAW Artists Showcase, but for reasons I can’t explain currently I did not go. I was probably hungover.  This day, however, I was not. And despite the incessant deluge of rain we’d received over the course of the last week and a half or so, I Read more about RAW Artist Showcase: Exposure – April 19, 2015[…]

Spring/Summer Fashion Glimpse

Summer style can absolutely be as interesting and potentially dynamic as cold weather clothing. But first, one has to have the initiative to undertake endeavors requiring more effort than simply throwing on whatever breathable, non-confining rags are lying around to cover up the human anatomy that will get you arrested if left exposed – or Read more about Spring/Summer Fashion Glimpse[…]

Essentials: Summer Blazer

The Summer Blazer, though unnecessary in terms of pragmatism, makes an already distinguished fellow a gentleman. It turns casual Saturday nights out for drinks to Nights on the Town and is sure to turn more heads than your v-neck t-shirt alone. Zara – Linen Blazer This linen blazer is the perfect accompaniment to khaki slacks Read more about Essentials: Summer Blazer[…]