Nashville Road Trip –

I visited Nashville for the first time back in May. It was a hoot to say the least. I had no idea what I was in for. I’d only heard that it was a fun town and that folks are friendly and there is no shortage of bars. It’s only 4 hour drive from Atlanta and once you get up around Chattanooga the hills become much steeper and the road more winding. After you get out of Chattanooga, and onto I-24 for a bit the interstate is often so steep there are runaway truck ramps and rocky embankments on either side. It’s a pretty stretch of interstate, if such a thing exists. The road flattens out a couple of hours before you reach Nashville.

Upon arriving and after checking into our hotel – The Renaissance – I was immediately blown away by the amount of foot traffic around the Broadway area. You don’t see many places where so many folks are walking around. I can only think of a handful places similar –  Venice Beach, Ocean Drive in Miami, NYC, San Francisco, etc.