Rome – Kingfisher Trail & Heritage Park Trail

I’d been meaning to experience Rome‘s picturesque bike trails for a few months and when a friend of mine had a wedding recently in Rome it was the perfect opportunity. After the wedding and the reception and getting back to my hotel room that Saturday night I was standing outside – not quite ready to Read more about Rome – Kingfisher Trail & Heritage Park Trail[…]

Essentials: Summer Blazer

The Summer Blazer, though unnecessary in terms of pragmatism, makes an already distinguished fellow a gentleman. It turns casual Saturday nights out for drinks to Nights on the Town and is sure to turn more heads than your v-neck t-shirt alone. Zara – Linen Blazer This linen blazer is the perfect accompaniment to khaki slacks Read more about Essentials: Summer Blazer[…]

5 Bands from The South You Should Check Out

Whaleboat Whaleboat is power pop rock foursome haling from the city of Savannah, GA. Full of cleverly crafted hooks, giant builds, nostalgic lyrics and an overall sound big enough to rival any of the arena rock greats such as U2 or Coldplay. They took nearly all of 2013 off to get their barrings as life and Read more about 5 Bands from The South You Should Check Out[…]